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The Enneagram has been for me a sacred and powerful tool in my journey of growth and awakening to my essential nature.  My desire to teach and share this tool with others is in the hope that it can be of service in that same process for others, wherever their "starting point" might be.  The practice of awareness that the Enneagram encourages and supports, and that I want to propagate, is foundational for any kind of real growth—so much more powerful than ego projects that we might undertake to "fix ourselves".
My work with the Enneagram is dedicated to that purpose.  

Teaching the Enneagram: A Sacred Trust

While the Enneagram shows us nine distinct patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, it is a dynamic system that informs our understanding of the complex nature of ourselves, our society, and our world. Using the Enneagram, we develop our capacity for self-awareness without judgment. It is through that process that we grow our capacity for Presence, which is the primary path for lasting personal and spiritual growth.  

Teaching the Enneagram is indeed a sacred trust. I am committed to providing rich Enneagram learning environments in which participants engage all three centers of intelligence—head, heart and gut—through solid Enneagram content, experiential engagement, and connecting with others in our shared humanity. As an Enneagram educator, I strive to offer clear transmission of Enneagram material, a compassionate holding environment, and the Presence of my being. My experience of teaching the Enneagram is always a learning experience for me personally,
for which I am always grateful.  

The Enneagram in Society : An Opportunity  to
Be The Change

As I continue to engage in my personal inner work, I feel compelled to include in that work, the powerful societal and cultural influences that are at play—exploring, discovering, and understanding my own socialization and how that socialization influences my experiences. I believe that applying the wisdom of the Enneagram to the systems, issues, and challenges that we now face is absolutely critical for shaping the future of a society in which equity is foundational—the kind of society that I wish to live in and that I want for future generations.  

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