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Become An

Enneagram Applications
Certified Professional

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Join the Sacred Trust

This two-part certification program provides a solid Enneagram education and foundation to support you in confidently using and applying the Enneagram
in your life and profession—
led by International Enneagram Association Accredited Professionals

Nan Henson and Lynda Roberts.

When you have completed this course you will be granted an Enneagram Training Program Certification as an "Enneagram Application Certified Professional" through Enneagram Georgia


2023 Cohorts


Module I: February 23-26, 2023

Module 2: March 30-April 2, 2023

Module I: September 28-October 1, 2023

Module 2: November 2-5, 2023

(Thursday - Saturday, 9am-5pm Eastern;
Sunday 9am-1pm Eastern)

Total Fee $1500—Approved for 40 CE Hours

Enneagram Applications Curriculum

Module 1 will provide participants a deep and thorough foundation and understanding of the Enneagram as a system and powerful tool.  An emphasis will be on somatically integrating the Enneagram in all of our centers—body, heart, and mind. Areas that will be explored include:  

  • History and Origins of the Enneagram

  • Essence and Ego Personality

  • Centers of Intelligence

  • The Nine Archetypes of the Enneagram

  • Riso—Hudson Levels of Development

  • Inner Dynamics

  • Continued learning between Modules


Module Two will focus on even deeper understandings and how to apply this deep and rich knowledge in your lives and professions. Especially geared towards Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Spiritual Directors, etc., Part Two will include:

  • Inner Dynamics (cont’d)

  • Instinctual Variants

  • Social Styles and Inner Critic

  • Centers Work

  • Conflict Styles

  • Object Relations

  • Successful Typing and Interpreting Enneagram Assessments

  • EnneTypes as Enneagram Professionals

  • Providing Support for Each EnneaType

  • Tips and Tools

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