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Inquiry : The Enneagram's Secret Sauce

Inquiry is an investigation of your own personal experience. It is not “thinking about” your experience in the usual sense, but rather from a place of Presence, opening to insights and a deeper understanding of your experience

Guide to Inquiry

  1. Let go of trying to “think” a story

  2. Sense your body – then your heart space – allow openness in the heart space as much as possible.

  3. For a focused inquiry:

  • Bring the question to explore into your consciousness

  • Be with the question – allow it to be there without “thinking about it”

  • Open to what arises related to the topic of inquiry – something will arise (unless your mind is busy thinking)

  1. For an open-ended inquiry:

  • Simply notice what comes into your consciousness

  • Open to whatever arises – something will arise (unless your mind is busy thinking)

  • Simply share what is arising while staying open to what might arise next

  • What might arise is a desire/need to explore something further. Inquire into that.

  • Repeat the process: sense your body; drop into and open your heart

  • Sit with what has come up, allowing the next arising to be related (or not)

  • If you find yourself in a “story,” simply notice, pause, allow a knowing to arise – the story is somehow important OR I can drop the story and return to sensing and opening my heart

  • Thinking about the question will block the arising of something deeper

  • If your mind is busy with the question, share that content, then return to sensing your body and keeping your heart open for something new to arise or for an insight to come forth

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