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Lynda Roberts

…you really understand the fundamental core of our teachings and how real transformation can occur for people through this work.

Don Riso and Russ Hudson—2008

2005-2006:  Completed Enneagram trainings required for Riso-Hudson Certification (Part I, Part II, Part III, Psychic Structures); facilitated my first Enneagram workshop with a friend and colleague


2007:  Completed and submitted essays and teaching video requirements for Riso-Hudson Certification; Completed trainings required for Riso-Hudson Authorized Workshop Certification


2008:  Received RIso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher Certification With Honors and Certification as a Riso-Hudson Authorized Workshop Teacher; invited to join the Riso-Hudson Faculty Training Program


2008-2010:  Attended "faulty training sessions" with Don Riso at The Barn; attended all Part I trainings and gradually participated in teaching them


2011: "Promoted" from Riso-Hudson "Faculty in Training" to "Faculty Member"; joined the Board of IEA Global


2011-2016: Co-taught Riso-Hudson Part I Trainings; taught Riso-Hudson Authorized Workshops; working with Don, completed the Inner Critic (Psychic Structures) teaching PowerPoint slide deck and materials; co-taught Riso-Hudson Inner Critic (Psychic Structures) Workshops (2012-2016); continued on the IEA Global Board and served as President of IEA in 2015-2016

2013-PRESENT: Facilitated Enneagram-based programs for Louisville Gas and Electric/Kentucky Utility ("Personal Awareness and Effective Leadership (PAEL); Enneagram I, Enneagram II; developed and rolling out Enneagram III in 2020);


2019:  Co-developed an Enneagram Applications Certification Program; co-facilitated first two cohorts; received IEA Accreditation for our training program


2020: Continuing to co-facilitate the Enneagram Applications Certification Program

2020 APD IEA Accreditation with Distinct
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