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Grow Your Enneagram Learning Community

Enneagram work is best done in community! During social distancing times, the next best thing to in-person opportunities for workshops and trainings are those offered virtually, but in real time with interactive capabilities and breakout groups.

With that being said, community can take many forms. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Attend Enneagram workshops and trainings currently being offered virtually

  2. Find one or two EnneaFriends with whom you can do inquiry sessions. See my EnneaNote about inquiry.

  3. Attend IEA Global conferences and other offerings.

  4. Join and attend IEA Chapter meetings if there’s a Chapter in your area. We have a Chapter here in Georgia! ( )

  5. Find EnneaFriends with who you can share experiences and explore various aspects of the Enneagram.

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